Invite Keeping Numbers as an Adviser to Xero

To be able to help you with your bookkeeping we need an Adviser role with Manage User rights. This allows us to work productively (and complete any tasks you want us to)

We treat everything in your Xero file as confidential so you can be sure that what is there is only seen by us (and the ATO of course).

There are only 6 steps to do and this can be completed in under 3 minutes.

6 Steps To Invite Us

1. Log in to your organisation on Xero

2. Click on your Organisation name then go to Settings

3. Click on Users

4. Click 'Invite a User' to enter details for a new user.

5. Enter Keeping Numbers for the name, and [email protected] as the email address.

Select Business and Accounting and choose the Adviser role, then tick 'Manage Users'

6. Press Continue and send an Invite