Why your Business needs a Password Vault Now more than Ever.

Whether you are office-based or working remotely, security is essential. Securing access to company data and applications while increasing employee productivity is crucial. Over the past twelve months we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of employees who are working remotely. This can raise concerns about the security of your passwords and your data.

With remote working, we can see how an increase in cyber threats is more likely. It makes sense then, to find simple and workable solutions to these threats. Do you know that 85% of breaches involve a human element? These include phishing, stolen credentials, and human error. We believe that with this in mind it’s even more important for businesses to take control of every entry point.

Many of us have adjusted the way we do business out of necessity rather than choice. As we grow used to the online world, we are growing bolder and more confident.

Password Vaults allow us to be more empowered and have helped us adapt to a new online environment more securely. LastPass is the Password Vault that we use at Keeping Numbers, and it is the one that we recommend to all of our clients.

They have taken seriously the needs of their clients and they actively empower you by answering those challenges. The customer is able to adapt easily knowing that Last Pass has listened to your challenges. They are actively and on an ongoing basis upgrading their products to realign to our business needs. 

They have taken into account the comments of their clients and have recently launched a redefined LastPass for Business. This reiteration ensures employees, and their families are practicing safe password behaviour online. It provides tools to increase employee adoption and allows your organization to use the security tools you need, as you are ready.

Below we have detailed a number of these customer-driven enhancements.

A new name for an improved product

LastPass Enterprise has been renamed to LastPass Business. It offers a password management solution to secure your identity. It helps you to generate, secure, and share credentials. You can do this while ensuring protection through LastPass’ zero-knowledge security infrastructure.

There are now additional access and authentication features. These include actions such as single sign-on (SSO) simplify access for up to three cloud applications. Also included are multifactor authentication which helps secure the LastPass vault. Together with password management, they form a comprehensive access and authentication strategy for your business.

Giving you Families as a Benefit

Last Pass Business comes with added value! You can now provide a best-in-class password manager to your employees and their family. Our professional and personal lives are merging at an unprecedented rate. It is therefore crucial that your employees are empowered to keep their and their family’s information easily accessible. This accessibility, together with completely secured personal and business devices and applications is vital.

However you define family, Last Pass has a range of solutions. Families as a Benefit enables your employees and their families to live and work securely from anywhere. With LastPass Families, your employees with LastPass Business accounts will be granted a personal LastPass account. They will also be given five additional licenses to share with their family or friends.

Simplifying acceptance by your team with a new Admin console

With the new Admin console, Last Pass provides the most comprehensive set of admin controls. They come in one easy-to-use console to further aid admins in account management and to drive end-user acceptance.

The new Admin console provides:

  • simplified admin onboarding for new members
  • better user management
  • granular user details
  • new account statuses to track your end-users
  • increased customization in the user’s table
  • expanded user status

These upgrades to what was already a great experience are available now, with even more updates coming in the next few weeks.

Advancing the single sign-on and authentication options

SSO apps are now fully accessible to users in the LastPass browser extension and password vault. This helps to simplify employee access to key applications. In addition, you can now add an SSO app in two simple steps to quickly give cloud applications to employees.

LastPass also now provides one authenticator application. This reduces confusion and streamlines control for admins and employees. From a simple push notification to password less protection, LastPass allows you to choose the right level of protection for your organization.

But wait there is more. In addition to the SSO and MFA capabilities available in LastPass Business, they now offer an Advanced SSO add-on. This provides access to an unlimited number of cloud applications. This, of course, helps in streamlining provisioning cloud applications for IT. The Advanced MFA add-on provides password less access with customizable security policies. These include geofencing and IP address, adaptive authentication technology to alert to suspicious behaviour. They allow the security of VPNs, workstations, and identity providers with the LastPass Authenticator app

Simplified password management aligned to meet your goals

With LastPass Business your organization can safely and efficiently collaborate. All this while IT gains greater control and visibility through integrated access and authentication.

The new LastPass Business gives an opportunity for more options on your future growth. Knowing that your online activities are protected by such a powerful tool allows for the confidence to hire more staff perhaps…

As your business progresses in its identity and security journey, you require flexibility to meet your specific security needs. All of the above allows you this and at your own pace. LastPass is a business tool that will bring you peace of mind and security in one package!

If you would like some help in understanding how a Password Vault can help you feel more secure in your business, Liz and team are happy to chat through the advantages with you. Email Liz here or call 0405 801 119

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