Why We Love Xero Bookkeeping & Why You Need It

At Keeping Numbers we are proud users of the Xero cloud based accounting software and implementers of Xero training. For many business owners, accounting systems can be overwhelming but as it is an essential part of your business finances, a reliable accounting system is imperative. Xero accounting software takes the chore out of keeping on top of your finances. Here is why we love Xero bookkeeping and why you need it for your business.

Simple Process

Xero is designed specifically with small business owners in mind, which makes tracking your business finances more manageable. In a matter of clicks you are able to check your financial position in real time. With Xero you can effectively manage your income and expenses as well as your payroll. It allows you to automate your daily financial tasks including regular transactions and quickly uploading data. 

Great For On The Go

Xero is a cloud based accounting system that you can access from any mobile device with a data or WiFi connection. The mobile app allows you to quote and send invoices at your convenience. Whether you are in between meetings or out of the office, you can access all of your financial records through the Xero App. 

A Customised Approach

The Xero dashboard is completely customisable, which makes navigating Xero a more seamless process. Your dashboard gives you a snapshot of how your business is travelling throughout the month. It gives you an overview of outstanding expenses, the ability to view business account balances and invoice clients. Xero online can be adapted to suit the way that you run your business.


Xero is designed by experts who have a lot of insight and experience in the world of business. They know that in order to run a successful business you need access to multiple tools, so Xero integrates with all the other tools you use regularly. These integrations are connected easily and will simplify the process even further. 

Beneficial For Your Accounting Team

Xero allows you to grant access to outsourced accountants or bookkeepers. This means that they will receive streamlined and accurate information. With a few clicks of a button, everyone knows where things are at, in real time. 

Everything is accounted for when using the same program. This is beneficial for keeping your business financially healthy. Taxes can be prepared much quicker with all of the information readily available through Xero. You can also review financial trends which will help you manage your cash flow.

Xero Training 

A Xero training course with Liz from Keeping numbers will help you understand why our team loves Xero bookkeeping so much and why you need it for your business. Liz offers online courses through Zoom, which can be taken in the comfort of your own home. These are just a few of the reasons why we utilise Xero at Keeping Numbers. It is an incredible tool designed and developed by industry experts, created especially for business owners.

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