What’s in a name?

You may have noticed that we have recently undergone a bit of a rebrand. Not a total rebrand – the name is virtually the same but the big difference is the logo.

The name change is very small. We have added on the Training Services bit because we are becoming acknowledged in our field as specialists. We felt that we should be talking about that in the name.

Our new logo is bright, clean, and very colourful! A bit like us really. I would like to think that we are different from most bookkeepers out there. We are all fully qualified and experienced, but we have something a bit different. I felt that the existing logo probably didn’t communicate who we are anymore. You know when Keeping Numbers first began the journey of a new business we focused on small, local businesses.

The logo represented the steppingstones that a business needs to take before it blossoms. It will become well known, established and with great financial records and it served us well.

From then to now…

We have been around since 2010 and our own business growth means that we are no longer who we were. Our reach has extended across the country and into all states. We work with many different types of business. Some of them are one-man bands while others employ 150 staff. With the diversity of our clients, the services we offer have expanded too. In the early days we focussed on helping clients get ready for BAS lodgements. We had the occasional client where we looked after their entire bookkeeping needs. They were the minority.

Now the vast majority of our clients have us working on their daily, weekly or monthly reconciliations. Some have us raising invoices based on integrated software that records their contractors’ work. We manage payroll and super for many clients now too.

We just felt that we had outgrown the old logo. Some of you may not know that the company is owned and managed by me, Liz Peacock and that is where the new logo started from. I wanted somehow to incorporate that, and I love the colours of the peacock.

The ‘feathers’ represent the different business types that we work with. Their shape and colours are in essence the same, but the colours make them different. They reach out and seem limitless and so it is with business. If you stretch far enough you will see to there are no limits to what you can achieve!

We love the new logo and the feedback that we have has been very positive. I really wanted to explain it though… it means something more to us than a few bright colours. Do you love it too?

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