How we Make Doing Your Own Books Easier

At Keeping Numbers Bookkeeping and Training Services we work with a wide range of clients. They are in different industries and run varying-sized businesses. From one-man bands right the way through to multi-site nationals.

We pride ourselves on having a solution for each. We dig deep into our client’s business. We work hard to understand what it is that they need from their bookkeeper.

For some, we handle everything, literally and may spend 20 hours per week for our larger clients. For others, we merely make sure their books are in order and lodge their BAS for them. And of course, we have many clients between!

An increasing number of business owners reaching out to us want to do their books themselves. They have (usually) smaller businesses with straightforward invoicing and spending.

We even the perfect solution for them! We have the ideal training space in our bookkeeping offices in Redcliffe. It has all the mod cons which make it an excellent training room.

There are a couple of different options for anyone looking for Xero Training and these are:

One-to-one Training

This can be face-to-face in our specially created training room in Redcliffe, using Zoom to deliver the training

Every training session is delivered based on your specific needs and tailored to you and your business.

Workshop Training

We run occasional classes which are open for up to 5 participants. The sessions are usually no longer than three hours. We find any longer and concentration slips.

Online Training

We now offer online training which allows you to do the training at your own speed. You will be given lifetime access so can choose to redo any elements of the training again. This is particularly useful if you take a break from the books and then return to them. You will be able to refresh your knowledge.

So, what can you expect from our sessions? Well, that depends on your needs. If you are a start-up you will have different requirements than an established business. Perhaps thy have recruited a new member of staff to do the books and they need a quick session.

We will often do the setup for businesses so that they know that everything is correct. They then do a couple of hours of training so that they really understand how to get the best from their books.

We will show you how to access reports that allow you to see clearly the financial help of your business.

Payroll can be a challenging aspect of your books if you have never done it before. At a Keeping Numbers Xero Training session, we will make sure you fully understand what your legal requirements are. We will ensure that your Single Touch Payroll is correct and giving you the right information.

Over the next few years, Super payments are changing every year. Our training will help you understand the impact of this.

There is so much that Xero can offer, but you need to learn how to drive it! We would love to take that journey with you.

Please send Liz an email at [email protected] and she will get in touch to find out what your needs are. A qualified trainer and a Xero Partner she is the perfect person to help you get this right!

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