How To Get Started With Xero Accounting Software

So you’ve read about all the amazing benefits that Xero Accounting Software has to offer, and you want to make the switch…

Congratulations, you’re about to make your business run more smoothly, with fewer mistakes and more efficient workflows!

Xero helps small businesses take control of their bookkeeping. The cloud based software helps empower you to automate a large range of different bookkeeping tasks that would usually be tedious and time consuming to complete. 

It can help your business save costs in the long run, and frees up valuable time spent doing repetitive jobs. 

So, how do you get started with Xero? 

Set Up Xero Properly 

Xero has a wide range of amazing features, which can make it overwhelming when you are first starting out with the program. 

To start, you want to get your Xero account setup properly, with all of the necessary and accurate information. This is a crucial first step, if you want to make sure you have success with Xero in the long run. 

Information such as your business name, email addresses and phone numbers are important for when you are using certain features such as invoices. Xero’s invoicing makes it easier for customers to pay you with automated processes, but only if you set it up correctly. 

You can add users, clients and suppliers to your business and grant different permissions and access to different users. This can make working with your bookkeeper or accountant a more seamless experience. 

You’ll also want to have things such as your personal branding and logo inputted correctly so that it looks and feels professional. 

Setting up your financial settings will also help make sure that your end of financial year data is accurate. Setting up your bank accounts will also make cash flow forecasting easier, and increase the automation of your accounting. You can get real time xero reports and updates, no matter where you are. 

Get To Know The Features

Xero offers nearly endless features to help you complete your bookkeeping with ease. You’ll want to get to know these features so you can take advantage of them in your day-to-day business operations. 

Xero’s incredible integration lets you connect to a large range of apps and software, making collaboration simple. 

Xero payroll and the employee app make it easy for your staff to get paid, view their payslips, and lodge their leave. 

The Chart of Accounts is also an integral feature that is simple to use, so it’s one of the first things you’ll want to get set up. 

Depending on your business, you will prioritise different features, so it’s important to have a good exploration of what xero offers so you can experience the full benefits of this wonderful software. 

Xero Training Australia 

Signing up for a Xero training course at Keeping Numbers is going to give you all of the knowledge and skills that you need to get started on the right track with Xero. 

The Xero Essentials course will save you a lot of time and hassle by showing you how to set up your Xero account like a pro, so you won’t have to struggle alone. 

It’s an online course, allowing you to move at your own pace, and ask lots of questions. This is a great option for the busy business owner, who needs to run things on their own schedule. 
To get started with Xero, visit the Keeping Numbers website today, and enrol in Xero Essentials!

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