Get the Most Out of Xero With an Essentials Course

If you’ve made the switch to Xero, but haven’t fully got the hang of it yet, you may be wondering why everyone seems to be singing its praises. 

Well, the truth is, when you set it up properly with all the right information, Xero works wonders on automating some of the more time consuming processes in your bookkeeping. However, when it isn’t set up properly, it can just lead to more chaos and confusion.

So, how do you avoid all this difficulty?

By signing up for the Keeping Number’s Xero Essentials online course, you will learn how to get the most out of your Xero account. 

Who is Xero good for?

Xero is an amazing resource for small business owners, as it’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. It’s flexibility also means that even as your business grows, your software can continue to support you. 

So whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or small business owner, understanding how to use Xero accounting software is going to be a great asset to your skill set. 

How to Get the Most Out of Xero 

Xero has a huge range of features, but more often than not, we aren’t fully utilising them to their maximum potential. 

Here are a few basic ways you can get more out of your Xero accounting software. 

Set up automated invoices

Utilising your templates in Xero is going to help you save a lot of time and speed up your workflows. Once you’ve created an invoice or bill, you can copy it and create a template out of it. 

This way all of the necessary fields have the necessary information, all you need to do is edit it when required. 

Integrate your branding into your account

Adding your branding into your account, such as your logo and colours, is going to make you look much more professional. 

This branding will be seen all throughout your account, but can be especially important for you invoices, which will go out to your customers and clients!

Set up your Chart of Accounts 

The Chart of Accounts feature in Xero is going to help save you a lot of time and hassle. It helps you categorise your transactions accurately, as well as group similar accounts together to generate reports for your business. 

Xero will assign you a default chart of accounts when you set your account up, but really you should be customising it so that it is correct for your business. 

You can import an old chart you have, or create your own unique custom one!

Use the reports function

Xero has a feature that allows you to generate a whole range of useful reports quickly, so that you can evaluate your finances easily. 

You can report against a budget, and view as well as share these interactive reports and budgets. Custom reports, all generated for you without any extra effort or work! 

This can be great for your accountants, as well as anyone else who might need quick access to this vital information. 

Want to learn more about Xero?

The Keeping Numbers Xero Essentials course is a great way to get yourself set up with the right knowledge and skills to use Xero for your business. 

This online training course is run by real bookkeeping professionals, and is designed to set you up with a strong foundation of knowledge. 

You can explore the xero training course here, or peruse Keeping Numbers other services here

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