Can You Learn How to Use Xero Online?

Xero Accounting Software is effectively freeing up time for business owners and sole traders, allowing them to manage their bookkeeping without all the added stress and administrative work. 

However, to get the most out of this wonderful cloud based software, you may want to attend a short course. This can help set you up with all the knowledge and skills you need to run your books on your own. 

If you are not particularly tech savvy, the thought of taking an online training course can feel daunting in the beginning. The important thing to remember is that your trainer or course coordinator is there to help you every step of the way. 

If you don’t want to spend more time on your books than on your business, then you should definitely consider our online Xero training. 

Benefits of Online Training Courses

Xero is a cloud based software, designed to let you do your bookkeeping from anywhere, as long as you have a device and an internet connection. 

It is designed to be incredibly intuitive and user friendly, so you can definitely learn to use it while following an online training course. 

In fact, there are many benefits to online training! 


For many small business owners, you may not have the time to take an in person class. Online xero courses give you the flexibility to choose your own schedule. You get to choose when you work on it, whether it’s early morning, late nights or the middle of the day. 

You also have flexibility in how long you take to complete the course. You could speed through it in a couple of days, or space it out over weeks. Whatever works for you and your life. 


Online training courses are very accessible, and you’re able to complete them no matter where you live.

If you aren’t able to go to an in person course, online training allows you to learn skills you might not have had access to otherwise. 


With an online course, you can work on your training while on the move. Depending on your learning style, this can be a great benefit, allowing you to work no matter where you go. 

You can take your laptop to your local coffee shop or library, or you can even watch the videos on your morning train ride.

Why Choose Keeping Numbers Xero Accounting Course

The Keeping Numbers Xero courses are taught by qualified and experienced bookkeeping professionals. Keeping Numbers is a Xero Gold Champion Partner, meaning that Xero has acknowledged the skills of our personnel and our methods and standard of work. 

Learn From Working Professionals 

The best way to learn about xero is from professional bookkeepers and accountants who actually use the software every day. Liz’s extensive use of Xero means that she has a much deeper understanding of it’s capabilities than most, and this is reflected in her training. 

You will get to learn about all of the quirks and helpful features that you might have missed on your own. Xero is full of these useful features that can make your life much easier, 

Individual Support 

Having a real person that you can ask questions to is really important when learning. Different students will struggle with different parts of the course, and therefore they will have different questions. 

Having this individualised support from a real person means that you are more likely to succeed in learning how to use xero properly. 

With online support, you can get content that is tailored to what you actually need to know, as well as the general knowledge needed to use the software. 

Knowledge You Can Actually Use

When you sign up for our course, you will be getting knowledge that you can actually use. The xero essentials course covers the following: 

  • Setting up Xero in the way a professional would 
  • Setting up your invoices with logos and branding 
  • How to add users, clients and suppliers
  • Completing your Chart of Accounts
  • Building the confidence to start handling your own books

Our course helps you take control of your books, allowing you to feel confident in effectively using Xero for your business, whether it’s creating invoices or viewing your reports. 

It takes the jargon out of accounting, and is suitable even if you think you have no skills whatsoever! 

You can definitely learn how to use Xero with an online training, and the Keeping Numbers Xero Essentials course is set up for you to succeed. 

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